Patch 2.0.0a

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Patch 2.0.0a
StarCraft II
“Heart of the Swarm beta”
Release date (US)

September 14, 2012;
8 years ago





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StarCraft II patch 2.0.0a is the second beta patch for the Heart of the Swarm beta since patch 2.0.0.

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • The following options now default to off:
      • Simple Command Card
      • Show Current Order Waypoint
      • Select Larva Clusters
      • Team Colored Life Status Bars.
    • The following option now defaults to on:
      • Allow Selecting Uncontrollable Units.
    • An error is no longer generated when attempting to burrow previously un-burrowed units with other units that are already burrowed.
    • The Select Army button now defaults to the F2 hotkey.
    • Queens and mothership cores are no longer selected when the Select Army button is used.
    • Tempest and Oracle now have proper selection sounds.
    • Fixed an issue where executing certain queued orders would be delayed if an ability was on cooldown.
    • Fixed an issue where certain units were missing flail animations.
    • Fixed some missing text in the zerg tab on non-grid hotkey profiles.


  • Terran
    • Simple Command Card has been removed from the Planetary Fortress.
    • The Build SCV command card button on the Command Center has been moved back to the top left slot.
    • Raven’s Seeker Missile once again costs 125 energy.
    • Fixed an issue where the unit icons for grouped hellions would sometimes change.
    • Dead marines will no longer display Stimpack’s expiration effect animation where they fell.
    • Units destroyed by the widow mine no longer display two death animations when the Reduced Violence option is toggled on.
    • Units launched into the air by the siege tank’s sieged attacks now display properly under Low settings.
    • A bug was fixed that caused battlecruiser anti-ground damage to be more than 8.
  • Protoss
    • Unpowered Warp Gates will no longer show as Gateways under the fog of war.
    • Protoss structures are no longer invisible through the fog of war if vision was lost just as construction was completing.
    • Mothership and mothership core now play appropriate ready sounds.
    • Revealed debuff tooltip for Revelation has been clarified.
    • Mineral Shield no longer uses a placeholder icon.
  • Zerg
    • Missile Attack upgrade has been corrected to increase locust damage in increments of 1 instead of 2.
    • Banelings will no longer play an incorrect death animation if they are killed while suspended in the air.
    • Ultralisks no longer emerge from Burrow Charge slightly ahead of their target destination.
    • Burrow Charge now deals the correct amount of damage when the ultralisk has received melee attack upgrades.
    • Burrow Charge ability icon now matches the new upgrade icon on the Ultralisk Den.
    • It is now possible to set custom hotkeys for the swarm host and viper.
    • Viper’s Consume ability no longer uses the Corruption icon.
    • Viper no longer uses a high quality death model on Low graphics settings.
    • Hydralisk speed on creep is now consistent before and after researching the Muscular Augments upgrade.
    • Fixed an issue where drones would not be automatically re-selected after canceling construction of a building.