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Patch 1.04
“Game & Expansion”
Release date (US)

December 17, 1998;
22 years ago



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StarCraft patch 1.04 is the first major patch since the release and implements compatibility for the new expansion, Brood War.


  • StarCraft compatibility with Brood War implemented.
  • Resource Text Color changed to Green
  • Custom AI has been strengthened...beware.
  • Invincible Drone bug has been fixed
  • You can select all burrowed units of the same type or cloaked units of the same type by using the Ctrl+select method or by double clicking.
  • If you have multiple Carriers or Reavers selected you can build Interceptors and Scarabs for all of them at the same time.
  • Cooldown times of units being dropped out of transports corrected.
  • Stim Pack causing Firebats to fire slowly corrected.
  • Zergling adrenal gland upgrade affects corrected.
  • Fixed a bug where the muzzle flash on a full fire bunker aiming south displayed incorrectly.
  • Air unit movement near the edge of the map corrected.
  • The Ladder directory has been updated with the Season 4 ladder maps. Retired ladder maps have been moved to the OldLadder directory.

Changes to StarEdit (Map Editor)

  • New save feature that identifies all 'enhanced' data in the scenario and specifies which versions of StarCraft will be able to load the scenario.
  • Addition of the comparing conditional 'exactly' for use in such triggers as: ACCUMULATE, BRING, COMMAND, COUNTDOWN TIMER, DEATHS, ELAPSED TIME, KILL, OPPONENTS, and SCORE.
  • Increased number of Switches to 256.
  • Increased number of usable locations to 254.
  • Added the ability to specify 'Random' in the SET SWITCH trigger action.
  • Added the ability to name switches.
  • Added the ability to set Fog-of-War for multiple players simultaneously by holding down Control or Shift.
  • Added the ability to re-name any unit.
  • New triggers:
    • ORDER UNIT (Move to, Patrol to, Attack to)
    • The ability to specify a quantity for the following actions: CREATE UNIT, CREATE UNIT W/PROPERITIES, MOVE UNIT, KILL UNITS AT LOCATION, REMOVE UNITS AT LOCATION.
  • You can now select locations obscured by other locations.
  • Location operations are now undoable.
  • You can now explicitly sort Conditions.
  • You can remove all Map Revealers from a map (really!).
  • The Unit and Hero Settings dialog has been enhanced.
  • A new StarEdit help file with info on these triggers and all the new features in StarEdit can be downloaded from our FTP site.

Balance Changes

  • Terran
    • Wraith
      • Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
      • Increased cooldown rate of ground attack.
      • Increased air to air damage to 20.
    • Dropship
      • Increased speed slightly.
    • Science Vessel
      • Decreased cost to 100 minerals, 225 gas.
      • Increased acceleration
      • Increased overall damage of Irradiate
      • Increased sight radius
    • Battlecruiser
      • Increased starting armor to 3
      • Increased Yamato Cannon damage to 260
    • Goliath
      • Increased ground damage to 12
      • Increased effectiveness of weapon upgrade on ground to air weapon system
    • Nuke
      • Nuclear Missiles build faster
    • ComSat
      • Decreased energy cost to 50
    • Starport
      • Decrease cost of Starport to 150 minerals, 100 gas
      • Decreased add-on cost of Control Tower to 50 minerals, 50 gas
      • Decreased build time
  • Protoss
    • Archon
      • Increased acceleration
    • Dragoon
      • Decreased cost to 125 minerals, 50 gas
      • Decreased build time
      • Increased range upgrade (Singularity Charge) by 1
    • High Templar
      • Decreased energy cost of Hallucination to 100
    • Scout
      • Increased Air to Air damage to 28
      • Base Armor of Scout changed from 1 to 0
      • Increased shields to 100 and hit points to 150
      • Increased cooldown rate of ground attack
    • Carrier
      • Changed build cost to 350 minerals, and 250 gas
      • Increased hit points of Carrier to 300
      • Increased starting armor of Carrier to 4
      • Increased Interceptor shields and hitpoints to 40
      • Increased Interceptor damage to 6
      • Decreased Interceptor cost to 25
    • Arbiter
      • Decreased cost to 100 minerals, 350 gas
    • Shuttle
      • Increased build time
    • Reaver
      • Increased build time
    • Templar Archives
      • Increased cost to 150 minerals, 200 gas.
    • Citadel of Adun
      • Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas.
    • Stargate
      • Decreased cost to 150 minerals, 150 gas
      • Decreased build time
    • Robotics Facility
      • Increased build time
    • Robotics Support Bay
      • Increased cost to 150 minerals, 100 gas
    • Observatory
      • Decreased cost to 50 minerals, 100 gas
    • Forge
      • Decreased cost to 150 minerals
    • Photon Cannon
      • Decreased build time
    • Fleet Beacon
      • Decreased cost of "Increased Carrier capacity" upgrade to 100 minerals, 100 gas
      • Decreased research time of "Increased Carrier capacity" upgrade
    • Shield Battery
      • Increased starting energy to 100
      • Increased effective range of “Recharge Shields” ability
  • Zerg
    • Overlord
      • Increased speed bonus for "Pneumatized Carapace" upgrade
      • Decreased research time of "Ventral Sacs" upgrade
    • Scourge
      • Increase hit points to 25
    • Hydralisk
      • Increased build time
    • Queen
      • Increased range of Broodling by 1
      • Increase energy cost of Parasite to 75
      • Decreased Parasite casting range to 12
    • Defiler
      • Increased cost to 50 minerals, 150 gas
    • Hatchery
      • Decreased the speed at which the Hatchery/Lair/Hive spawn new larva
      • Decreased build cost to 300 minerals
      • Increased build time
    • Sunken Colony
      • Decreased cost of Sunken Colony upgrade to 50 minerals
      • Decreased build time
      • Increased attack rate of Sunken Colony
      • Increased damage to 40
    • Spore Colony
      • Decreased build time
      • Changed damage type to normal
    • Greater Spire
      • Increased build time